A lot of you tell me that I’m inspiring. But I would be no where without my mom. She is by far the most inspirational person I’ve ever met. I’ve been running my whole life, but she’s the reason why. She got me started and has been the biggest motivation every day since.

She’s run 49 marathons, and will go on to run her 50th in her 2nd Ironman this summer. She’s coached hundreds of people in her lifetime, helping them to meet their goals - whether it’s to simply run 1 mile, run a half marathon, do a triathlon, or complete a full 26.2. She trains harder and is more passionate about this sport than anyone you’ve ever met.

Runner’s World is her favorite magazine, and it’d be really cool to get her on the cover. My sister talked her into entering, now it’s up to everyone to vote! (And she entered 2 weeks late so we’ve got catching up to do!)

I truly do not know, and could not think of anyone who is more deserving to win this contest.

(And I mean, come on… she definitely looks like she belongs on a fitness magazine cover lol)

I will be bothering you and posting about it daily (most-likely) so just do it! You can vote once per day. Also, feel free to reblog and share this.

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I actually did look into it last month and would love to do it someday! But we did *not* intend to go to Maine and have corrected our route at this point lol

shoutout to keith from “from my head tomatoes” for the cutest cuke ever

currently chompin’ it down as is

our camping trip turned into a roadtrip instead. no complaints, mountains and rivers all day anyway ✌️

and crazy weather - check this sky

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I’m heading up to the White Mountains for some hiking, camping, and other adventures with Russell :D

Don’t forget to vote today (and everyday) by clicking here. Share this with a friend or family member too! :) Thank you <3

Anonymous said:

Private message to Running-Crossfitting-Adventuring: Anyone who uses the computer to 'generate' votes is automatically eliminated. Runners World set it up so that each of those is caught and then their team will take care of it. anyone who gets tons of votes is because they have a big support network and/or get someone with a big following to vote for them and share the link. I messaged them about the generating votes thing

How odd of you…
I know all this but thank you for checking for me. It just takes them a few hours to eliminate someone, so the leader board is rarely accurate.

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so much love

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i want need it

someone make vegan boxed mac and cheese that doesn’t suck and sell it near me please

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