veggie burger and fries for dinner at some restaurant yeye
My mom, ready for marathon #49 - 50 will be the Ironman this summer!
Are any of y’all running Boston tomorrow?

If I know you’re there I’ll look and try to cheer for ya (:

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Heading to the marathon mecca 🙌

So stoked to watch Boston tomorrow 😄

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Selfie ft. Russell’s shirt, so comfy
Goooooooodnight loves. Bedtime. BOSTON TOMORROW! Cannot wait to spectate this marathon, and watch my mom kick ass (despite being just 6-7(?) weeks out of surgery). Gonna get up early tomorrow so I can pack, then we’re off and we’ll hit up the expo, then a run, then the pasta dinner, then my brother and I will probably just swim and play at the hotel. The next day is the marathon! Yeeeee 

Meadow ➾ Luke Gram
My parents gave me an early Easter present because we’ll be in Boston tomorrow. So excited about this! 😄

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